Arabianlink company is the largest distributors of Internet service in the Arab Republic of Egypt ; Arabianlink company was founded in 2003 by the owners MR / Moataz Abdel Baky and MR / Mohammed Elwassif
The company has signed a distribution contract with the company Egynet and was one of the largest Internet companies and the transfer of information at the time
The company then worked in the installation and delivery of Internet service subcontractor with Egynet in the regions and the company achieved the goals at this time are very good
The company then signed a contract distribution services with online giants Te-Data and Nile online.
And the company achieved in this period, the spread in several governorates and a large

number of clients
The company has achieved great success with the two companies in this period until the telecommunications company purchased giants Nile online and Egynet and got the integration between the two companies and was annexed worked in companies with telecom company even become one of the largest distributors of telecommunications company and Te-data in 2012 steps Organization and Significant progress without retreat
The company has established the Arab Company for import in 2010 and we made several products of our own overseas network requirements  .